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Drawings, Specifications and Information as instruments of service prepared by NEXTects Architects / Larry Brisley Architect are and shall remain the property of  NEXTects Architects / Larry Brisley Architect whether the Project for which they are made is executed or not.

The Drawings, Specifications and Information shall not be used by any individual or groups of individuals on other projects, for additions to this Project or for completion of this Project by others.

Submission or distribution to meet official regulatory requirements or for other purposes in connection with the Project is not to be construed as publication in derogation of  NEXTects Architects / Larry Brisley Architect’s rights.

You are permitted to:
(1)        load or download the Drawings or Renderings and use it only on a single client computer which is under your personal control;
(2)        transfer the Drawings or Renderings from one computer to another provided it is used on only one computer at any one time;
(3)        transfer the Drawings or Renderings (complete with all its associated documentation) and this license to another person provided he has agreed to accept the terms of this Agreement and you contemporaneously transfer all copies of the Drawings you have made to that person or destroy all copies not transferred.  If any transferee does not accept such terms then this license shall automatically terminate. The transferor does not retain any rights under this Agreement in respect of the transferred license.

You are not permitted:
(a)        to use the Drawings on any computer or system which permits electronic access to it by more than one user;
(b)        to rent, lease, sub-license, loan, copy (except as expressly provided in this Agreement), modify, adapt, merge, translate, or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the Drawings or Renderings.


The license is effective until you terminate it by destroying the Drawings or Renderings, electronic or paper together with all copies.  It will also terminate if you fail to abide by this Agreement.  Upon termination you agree to destroy all copies of the Drawings or Renderings stored on the hard disk of any computer, or paper copies under your control.


This Agreement shall be governed by U.S. law.
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